NEWS: Hyperloop is evolving to Hyperstack

As we approach our 1.0 release, we have decided to rename the project. RubyHyperloop is becoming Hyperstack.

We love the Hyperloop name, as we hope Hyperloop is the "Ruby on Rails" of the future, and it speaks to the full circle loop connecting the client to server and back again, as well as plays on the famous React "Flux Loop". So why change? The biggest reason is simply that the name too heavily conflicts with Hyperloop (the train) especially when it comes to getting domain names, or doing web searches. Secondarily there is the notion that we are providing a "full stack" framework in the most real sense of the word, and thus it is a Hyperstack.

During this rename (which of course involves changes to just about everything), we will leave this website and documentation in place as the content here is true and correct for Hyperloop 0.9.

If you would like to see the work in progress on Hyperstack, please visit us at