Spring 2017 COMPS Release

Spring 2017 heralds a major Hyperloop release. This release will be the first where we have introduced the 5 architectural constructs focused on making it easier to write Isomorphic applications.

This release includes a new version and renaming of...

Editing Flux Loop verses Decoupling


This started as some thoughts about when to use notation like

AddItemToCart(item: sku, qty: 1) # Use an operation
# vs
Cart.addItem(item: sku, qty: 1) # Use a method on the Store

Which in thinking it through (the answer is 'always use the...

Comparing Redux with Hyperloop


In trying to find how Hyperloop models and flux-stores relate, I was rereading the Redux tutorials. After having been away from that for a while I was amazed how clean Hyperloop's HyperReact DSL is compared to the typical JSX code.


Hyperloop is born

Reactrb is being renamed Ruby Hyperloop to reflect the change in emphasis of the project. We have chosen Hyperloop as an umbrella name for the project as it is more expansive and allows us to build out Hyperloop as a web application framework.


Reactrb v0.8.5

Wow - its already been a hot sweaty summer around here in Reactrb land. First off after a lot of discussion and thinking we have decided to consistently rename everything Reactrb. We are sad to see the "dot" go, but this way the name is consistent...

Getting Started with Reactrb and Rails

React.js support for rails is provided react-rails gem.

From its project page, React-rails can:

  • Provide various react builds to your asset bundle
  • Transform .jsx in the asset pipeline
  • Render components into views and mount them via view helper...

Reactive-Ruby v0.7.32

As we march towards the next official release of react.rb, we wanted to make some syntactic improvements to the component macros and methods. The overall intent is to make react.rb more ruby like, and reduce syntactic noise, while maintaining ties...