Summer 2018 and we are approaching a 1.0 Release of Hyperloop. Our gaols for our 1.0 release have been mainly bug fixing and performance improvements made throughout the year.

In true feature-creep fashion, we also took on a number of substantial changes which have delayed the 1.0 release somewhat and left us with a number of working branches of Hyperloop.

So, here is a quick summary of where things stand. At the moment there are 4 main branches:

lap28, pinta, edge and ulysses

The first three are coming together to form Hyperloop 1.0. Ulysses is the future, but a long way from being ready for production - think of it as Hyperloop 2.0

Our immediate task is to merge lap28, pinta and edge into master and release that as Hyperloop 1.0. This work is currently ongoing.