Learn Hyperloop

This site contains a number of Tutorials and Quickstarts. The tutorials are arranged in accordance with the architectural aspect they cover, though some are not limited only to that aspect.

Keeping the tutorials current is quite a task so please raise any issues you find or better still, issue a pull request against the source branch of the website. All help and contribution is most welcome and valued.

Teaching is a fantastic way to learn, so if you find that a topic is not well covered, please feel free to write a tutorial of your own which we can include here.

Hyperloop COMPS

For learning the Hyperloop architecture: Components, Operations, Models, Policies and Stores. Those tutorials are independent from web server environment (HTTP, Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, JS, etc ...).


For learning particular technics when implementing Hyperloop with the pure Javascript library hyperloop.js.

Hyperloop and Rails

For learning technics when implementing Hyperloop onto Ruby On Rails with the Hyperloop Gem. Including the 3 amazing functionnalities coming with it: Isomorphic models and ActiveRecord API, Push notifications to clients and Broadcast policies.

Hyperloop deployment

For learning how to deploy a Hyperloop application to a production server (particularly when using Rails).


For learning Opal syntax and technics.